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— What is Hydrogen

Hydrogen is a strong penetration , can be very easy to enter the cells such as the nucleus and mitochondria and other cells. This is an important feature in the construction of hydrogen that can be used to :
  • Anti-inflammation of cells. Prevent metabolic syndrome, anti-aging and aid weight loss.
  • Hydrogen antioxidants protect cells and DNA.
  • Protect metabolic cell dysfunctions/degeneration. Improves energy and improve hydration.
  • Prevent Insulin Resistance (The powerful antioxidant properties of Hydrogen Water can improve glucose metabolism in people with diabetes type 2.
  • Reduce oxidative stress from chemo-radiotherapy treatment.

— Terahertz

It is a non-contact molecular low frequency resonance water activation instrument,It can activate all drinkable liquids。In a unique physical method of ”no addition,no contact“,through low-frequency resonance of water,the ordinary water of the polymerized state is transformed into the straight line structure of the cells required by human cells。The hard-to-absorb water is converted into direct drinking water that can be directly consumed into the cells,bringing more oxygen and nutrients to the cells,discharging more garbage and toxins,repairing each cell and making it healthy and energetic.

V3 Hydrogen
Terahertz bottle

(drinking hydrogen water)

“Hydrogen” or “hydrogen molecule” is the smallest molecule in nature. It is extremely penetrating and can diffuse into any organ, tissue, cell, mitochondria and nucleus of the human body through the skin and mask. Studies have confirmed that the hydrogen in hydrogen- rich water is easily “absorbed and utilized” by the human body. Hydrogen-rich water provides a full range of antioxidant care for the body, balances the internal environment, and fully activates the self-healing mechanism. Long-term drinking hydrogen water can promote metabolism, immune regulation, eliminate inflammation, improve allergic constitution, prevent cell mutation, and promote tissue repair , Anti-aging, antioxidant, eliminate free radical.