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v-Bott Max

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“Hydrogen” or “hydrogen molecule” is the smallest molecule in nature. It is extremely penetrating and can diffuse into any organ, tissue, cell, mitochondria and nucleus of the human body through the skin and mask. Studies have confirmed that the hydrogen in hydrogen- rich water is easily “absorbed and utilized” by the human body.

Hydrogen-rich water provides a full range of antioxidant care for the body, balances the internal environment, and fully activates the self-healing mechanism. Long-term drinking hydrogen water can promote metabolism, immune regulation, eliminate inflammation, improve allergic constitution, prevent cell mutation, and promote tissue repair , Anti-aging, antioxidant, eliminate free radical.

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1. We make it with bearing type and( pressure release value design, the cup body bear MAX 8KG pressure .)so we can make it 5500 ppB

2. SPE technology, American Dupont N117 ion exchange membrane, force the oxygen come out from the bottom.(No Ozone , No Chlorine )

3. X-Large time less than 2 hours and use more than 10 times after full charge (Max 15 times ) light design

4. TDS value does not change after 100 times using

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v-Bott Max

RM2,988 RM1,399